Monday, September 19, 2011

Always a fun holiday adventure...

Just for fun, and for a little extra spending money, I make tutus around the holidays.  I LOVE the process, because I don't have to think so hard.  Most other types of art (at least in my case) always come along with thoughts like "I wish I was better at this", "I don't know what to paint/draw/write", etc.  I love making the little tutus, because they are easy (almost therapeutic) for me.  Also, who doesn't love  a little girlie frill around the house every once in a while!    Posted below are a few of the tutus I've finished!  Hope to start selling them in the next week or two, after I attach sweet satin bows to each of them!

Black/Green Pixie Tutu

Black/Orange Pixie Tutu

Lil' Pumpkin Tutu

Candy Cane Tutu

Harvest Tutu

Sugarplum Tutu

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Talent Schmalent

       I was reading an art history book the other day, and was absolutely fascinated to find that the word art came from the Latin word ars, which means "skill", and the Greek word for art, tekne, is where we get the word technique!  Wait...what??  Art greatness has been about skill all this time?  Haven't we been told our whole lives that some people just "have it" and some don't?
     Lucky for me, skills and techniques are not genetic...they are learned.  Art can be learned.  So what if I never got into art when I was younger, can't seem to shade anything properly, and am (secretly) afraid of watercolors?  Well, as my art teacher friend told me yesterday, "It's not too late."
     So here I go...with a little courage and a ton of effort, I will draw and paint and will not allow "can't" to determine my artistic expression. 
If you can tell it's a cat, I did what I set out to do.