Friday, March 18, 2011

Touching base.

So exhausted!  So many things, so little me.  Looking forward to Spring Break this coming week, and hope that it doesn't become one of those vacations that leaves you more tired than you were before the vacation. 

For those of you waiting on certain artworks to become prints, thank you for your patience!  I've had some major issues with the images and the editing and printing of the images, so needless to say I had to set it aside for a few days, due to frustration.  I will continue to work on it and will hopefully have some new prints soon!

And for tonight's entertainment, I'm off to an elementary school talent show.  Good times.  :)


  1. So jealous you are on Spring Break! Most of our days were cut due to all of the snow. Boo, boo!

    Enjoy yourself, Katie. Hope it's fun, but in a relaxing kind of way :)

  2. Yeah...we're a bit too hung up on our vacations around here. We just tacked some days to the end of the year instead. :)

    Thanks, Amy. Gonna do a little camping with some friends, sleep in hopefully at some point...and paint, of course! :)